April 22nd 2008

Tribute to Gwyneth Dunwoody

Gwyneth visited us here on the Costa Blanca in March, just over a year ago. We were given an excellent talk on a range of topics including the situation of the present Government in Labourís third term, the sea-change in the three governments and the implications of the developments in electronic communication and the difficulties of traditional electioneering methods. She also spoke about the importance of select committees in terms of their composition, their terms of reference and their accountability to the House of Commons.  

Her presentation was expert, lively yet unpretentious and we were impressed by her unquestioning loyalty to Labour Party traditional values. Everyone here, especially her old friends George and Pauline Stevenson are very saddened to hear of her sudden death a few days ago. Her memory will live on in our hearts and minds for a very long time.

John MacKay,