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For a List Social Events and details of January 29th Lunch click on 'Social Diary'

 LICBN GM  13th Jan  Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - Main Topic TBA


LICBN GM  9th Dec  Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - Policy Commission Report ‘Britain in the World’.  Pauline and George
LICBN GM  11th Nov  Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - Topic: Open discussion on the US Presidential Election
LICBN GM  14th Oct  Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - Topic: Labour Party Policy Commission Report on ‘Work and Prosperity’
LICBN GM  9th Sep  Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - Topic:  “Where now for Labour?” Open Debate
LICBN GM  12th August  Ancora Tenis, Javea 3.00pm - 60 years of the NHS - to be introduced by George Stevenson
LICBN GM  8th July  Ancora Tenis, Javea 3.00pm - Britain and America intro by John Othick
LICBN GM  10th June  Ancora Tenis, Javea 3.00pm - Housing – the ‘Cinderella’ Issue
LICBN GM  13th May  Ancora Tenis, Javea 3.00pm - Topic:  Green taxes and Social Justice
LICBN Annual GM  8th April  Ancora Tenis, Javea 3.00pm - Resolutions for Conference

Tribute to Gwyneth Dunwoody

Prof. David Johnson has kindly sent a copy of the paper he delivered at our March GM: 

The Charter of Rights at 25 –
What the UK can learn from the Canadian Experience
to read the full paper.

LICBN GM  11th March  Ancora Tenis, Javea 3.00pm

Just to remind everyone we have a special guest speaker all the way from Canada: Dr. David Johnson
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Cape Breton University
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
John MacKay, Secretary
Noticias especiales:  Nuestro orator visitante que viene de Canada: Snr David Johnson, Profesor de Ciencias Politicas,  Universidad de Cape Breton.
Un salud
John MacKay, Sec. Gen.

 12th Feb  - GM LICBN - Javea 3.00pm  Ancora Tenis, Arenal, 'Gordon Brown - the First Seven Months' - Open Debate


15th Jan  - GM LICBN - Javea 3.00pm  Ancora Tenis, Arenal, 'The Treaty of Lisbon' - Kevin Bruton / George Stevenson   


11th Dec - GM LICBN - Javea 3.00pm  Ancora Playa, Arenal, 'Life as an MP/MEP' - George Stevenson 
see Agenda

13th Nov - GM LICBN - Javea 3.00pm  Ancora Playa, Arenal, 'ETA, Past, Present and Future'.- Kevin and Harold 
see Agenda

Special Announcements

Dear Friend/ L.I. Member,
In Remembrance of Judith

It is my unhappy task to let you know that our member Judith Owens passed away peacefully Wednesday afternoon, 10th October 2007, in Hospital, in Valencia with her husband, Charles and their son, Lawrence at her side. Judith was a long standing Labour Party member, a very caring, principled person who was passionate about her garden and the environment. Until her recent illness she had coordinated our Poetry Group for several years. We shall all miss her.

Kevin Bruton.
Chairman LICBN.


In Remembrance of Maurice Ayres

I have received the very sad news that Maurice Ayres, aged 88,died peacefully at his daughter's home in London on Saturday morning, 29th September 2007,

We have very fond memories of Maurice - always so lively and controversial - no meeting  - political / social / poetry was ever boring with Maurice there.     He and Dorothy, his wife, were very long standing members of the Labour Party and founding members of LICBN back in 1992/3. They also started our poetry group shortly after. We'll miss him greatly.

John and Anne MacKay 

13th November – ‘ETA, past present and future’ to be introduced by Kevin and Harold
27th Oct - Lunch  - L’Entra at Val d’Ebo to be organized by Sylvia
9th Oct - GM - Progress in Northern Ireland - Intro John Othick

27th Sept - Lunch  - La Piscina at Parcent to be organized by Mary. 

13th Sept - GM LICBS - Torrevieja
see Agenda

11th Sept - GM LICBN - Javea  Ancora Playa, Arenal, 'Six Years on from 9/11'.
see Agenda

14th August - GM Topic: - 60th Anniversary Independence India and Pakistan
see Agenda

Deputy Leadership Elections - Voting Procedures - go to main Labour International Website:

Spanish Local Elections May 27th

Don't forget to support our Sister Party PSOE.
Chair, Kevin Bruton (2nd left front row is on the list in Palma de Gandia

8th May GM
Discussion  - May Elections - French, Scottish, Welsh and Local UK 
see Agenda

10th April Annual GM plus
Debate - Immigration and Multiculturism



9th March Guest Speaker - Rt Hon Gwyneth Dunwoody, MP
Grand Café Toscamar, Javea  at 18:30hrs

A very successful evening was had with Gwyneth speaking about her Parliamentary career, especially on her role as Chair of the Select Committee on Transport.   This was followed by a lively Q&A session and the evening wound up with a live session of the Jubilee. Jazz Band.


Gwyneth Dunwoody introduced herself and spoke of her friendship with George Stevenson and about his work in the British and European Parliaments.  She spoke about the situation of the present Government in Labour’s third term, the sea-change in the three governments and the implications of the developments in electronic communication and the difficulties of traditional electioneering methods.  She spoke about the importance of select committees in terms of their composition, their terms of reference and their accountability to the House of Commons.  She noted Tony Blair’s volunteering to be the first Prime Minister to be questioned by the Liaison Committee.  She pointed out the developments in Health and Education as well as many other areas while recognising that there is still a lot to do.  She said that the new Prime Minister (probably Gordon Brown) will be different with the strong moral views without which no government can survive.  She also spoke about Labour’s moves to involve more women and ethnic minorities and that Society must be of benefit to all its citizens.

Questions and comments were received from several members.


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